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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Top 18 Players to use in NBA 2k13 with an overall rating of 70 or under

Written by Rafael Hagopjanian (@RafaelHagopjani)

If you watch basketball or even if you don't, NBA 2k13 is the game to play, and who wants to win games with just the star players? Scoring over 40 points or grabbing 20 rebounds with the players who are deemed to be "mediocre", because of their overall rating, is just awesome. These 18 players will be the players rated 70 and under that I would advise using at all times when using the teams they're on. The ratings and teams these players are on are as of the official last NBA 2k13 update on 6/25/2013
18. Beno Udrih, PG Orlando Magic, 68 Overall, 92 Shot Close, Shot Medium 82, Beeannn! This is honestly just an honorable mention because Beno is not that great at all in 2k13, he’s just a guy you would hate to have score against you because he’s so bad. His nickname of Beaaan is also incredibly awesome.

17.  Reggie Jackson, PG OKC Thunder, 67 Overall, 94 Speed, 97 Quickness, Reggie Jackson will most likely not be under a 70 rating next season, but in 2k13 he’s one of the quickest guys to have and he’s a perfect substitute to have in once Westbrook needs some rest.

16. Byron Mullens, PF Charlotte Bobcats 69 Overall, 87 Shot Medium, 87 Inside. We have a kind of unorthodox player to use in 2k13 and who are we kidding, nobody uses the Bobcats in 2k13. Surprisingly though, Byron “Don’t call me BJ” Mullens, has a decent jumper in the game and he could get a few rebounds for you as well.

15. Gary Neal, SG San Antonio Spurs, 67 Overall, 87 Shot 3PT, 92 Shot Close. Gary Neal is one of those guys in the game who you’re happy to see randomly put in the game if you’re using auto substitutions. He has one of the silkiest strokes and it adds to the onslaught of shooters the Spurs have in the game.

14. Reggie Evans, PF Brooklyn Nets, 66 Overall, 96 Offensive Rebound, 92 Defensive Rebound Signature Skill: Scrapper. We arrive at the first player on this list who does not have a jumper whatsoever. When Reggie Evans is in the game he is going to try and get every rebound he possibly can, no matter the circumstances. Chris Kaman can probably back up that statement as well.

13. Marco Belinelli, SG Chicago Bulls, 65 Overall, 82 3PT, 84 Shot Medium, The Bulls certainly uncovered a hidden gem in Marco when their whole backcourt went down because of injuries. Marco is inconsistent at times, but if you learn his stroke, you’ll be thinking Mussolini was sort of right when he thought the Italians were the best at everything. 

12. Alonzo Gee, SF Cleveland Cavaliers, 70 Overall, 88 Speed, 90 Vertical Signature Skill: Finisher, Active Hands. Oh man, Alonzo Gee is one of the few “already starting” players on this list and boy is there good reason. He’s one of the speediest players in the game and he’s the king of corner 3s when Kyrie finds him on the spotup. What more could you ask of a player when he’s one of the most unknown players in the league?

11. CJ Watson, PG Brooklyn Nets, 68 Overall, 83 Shot 3PT, 79 On-Ball Defense. CJ Watson is one of those players in 2k that everyone hates playing against because he guards your point guard well, and if there’s an opening, your opponent is going to take the pull up 3. Now that he’s going to be on the Pacers he’ll put to good use in 2k14 instead of backing up Deron Williams. The video kind of explains it all.

10. Gordon Hayward, SG Utah Jazz, 68 Overall, Shot 3PT 80, Block 56. Hear me out on this, Gordon is certainly one of the weirdest players in the NBA and his ratings are pretty low, but with the Jazz being a post oriented team in the game you get a great shooter on a team with basically no others. Hayward is the perfect player to give you some breathing room on those Millsap/ Jefferson post moves.

9.     Mike Dunleavy, SF Milwaukee Bucks, 68 Overall, 84 Shot 3PT 81 Offensive awareness Signature Skills: Spot-up shooter Mike Dunleavy in real life has one of the smoothest strokes in the game, but that’s one of the only things he can do, which will be a common similarity between most of the players left in this list. 
8.     Matt Bonner, C San Antonio Spurs, 51 Overall Rating, Shot 3PT 88, Shoot Off Dribble 61. Matt “The Red Mamba” Bonner is the definition of one-dimensional. He’s one of the only centers who can shoot in the game, and you certainly will not get many rebounds with him, but if you spot him trailing the rest of the offense, hit him for a three pointer that will almost be guaranteed to go in.

7.     Andre Drummond, C Detroit  Pistons, 70 Overall, 88 Block, 95 Offensive Rebound Signature Skills Eraser. Drummond is the most enjoyable person to use while on defense. His ratings/signature skills speak for themselves and he also has an 86 dunk rating. Quite honestly, I don’t think any one would remember the Pistons were in the league if Drummond wasn’t on the team.
6.     Carlos Delfino, SF Houston Rockets, 69 Overall, 81 Shot 3PT, Steal 80 Signature Skills: Active Hands, Corner Specialist. Delfino, otherwise known as the Argentinian Long Ball (No one has ever called him this) is such a crucial 3 point shooter in the game when the Rockets are used. If you put out a lineup of Harden, Delfino, and Parsons in the SG-PF positions its basically game over because of the three point barrage that will be coming. Enjoy that lineup while it lasts since the Delfino is now a Buck. 
5.   Jamario Moon, SF Free Agents, 66 Overall, 91 Dunk, 82 On-Ball Defense. I dare anyone who is reading this article currently to criticize me on this pick. Well for all you Association players out there, Jamario Moon is quite simply one of the most insane dunkers in the game and you must pick him up the first day you start your Association. I guarantee at least three Youtube worthy dunks a game if you insert Jamario “I’m very indecisive about which team I should play for” Moon into the starting lineup

4.     Ryan Anderson, New Orleans Pelicans, 69 Overall, 86 Shot 3PT, 88 Free Throw Signature Skill: Spot-up Shooter, Hustle Points, Corner Specialist. If you look at Ryan Anderson’s signature skills, it is certainly obvious why Ryan Anderson seems like one of the most underrated players in the game. If you get him anywhere outside the three point line on a catch and shoot, you better have a poncho because your seats might get wet from all those wetballs.
3.   Anthony Morrow, SG Dallas Mavericks, 66 Overall, 84 3PT, 88 Shot Medium, Signature Skill: Spot-up Shooter, Microwave, Corner Specialist. Anthony Morrow might have one of the purest jumpshots in the game and Morrow is one of the easiest players to get over 20 points with in a quarter. The Microwave skill comes into play quickly, because when you make 2 straight Anthony Morrow threes, Morrow is  already on fire. 
2.     Steve Novak, PF New York Knicks, 53 Overall Rating, 92 Shot 3PT, Free Throw 85, Signature Skills: Spot Up Shooter, Corner Specialist. I bet at this point you’re wondering who could be better than Steve Novak, the king of 2k13, and are already skipping to see who is number 1 on the list. Well I’ll tell you one thing. Steve Novak is said to be one of “the cheapest players to use” because of his shooting prowess, and rightly so. You can think of many cons for using Novak, like defensively he’s atrocious and for a power forward, he’s one of the worst rebounders ever, but in the end you can’t just pass up making 20 three pointers with a player like Novak that all your friends will be annoyed at for making so many shots.

1.     Kyle Korver, SF Atlanta Hawks, 63 Overall, 89 Shot 3PT, 83 Hands Signature Skills: Spot-up shooter. I may be a bit biased here, but I must say Kyle Korver is one of the best players in 2k13, Rated below 70 or not. Korver’s release is one of the easiest to master and he even catches long outlet passes that most players won’t catch because his “Hands” rating is so high. If you’ve never used the Hawks, try using them now with Korver your number #1 offensive option, I doubt your friends would like to see them getting lit up for 12+ threes by a single person but it will most definitely happen if you use Korver. If you want to see how big of a problem it is to stop Korver just click on this link below, you won't understand unless you've experienced a Korvering.
If you feel like there are any other players we should add comment below

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